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Stage Curtains

Curtains for Theatre and Entertainment Venues

At ShowTrek, theatre and stage equipment is our specialty.
When we talk about “Curtains” for theatres and halls we mean more than just window treatments and stage curtains. ShowTrek supply high quality, heavy duty and decorative curtains for all purposes.

Stage Curtains

ShowTrek curtains are made with high quality, solid-colour, fire-retardant fabrics, chosen for their elegance and durability and are tested to AS1530 part2 and part3 for compliance with building codes Australia wide. 

Our curtains are ideal for installation in Theatres, Cinemas, Auditoriums, Schools, Community Halls and Clubs or wherever heavy duty commercial grade curtains are required.

Care of Drapes and Track [PDF]

Commercial Curtain Track Systems

ShowTrek’s own heavy duty track system is made from extruded aluminium and has a satin black powdercoat finish.
Height adjustable mounting brackets are available to suit a wide range range of applications.  

Our curtain runners feature ball bearing rollers with nylon tyres for quiet operation. 
Our curtain leader caridges have an optional brake mechanism which can be used to temporarily fix the position of hand drawn curtain panels. 

ShowTrek Curtain Track Specification [PDF]

Curtain Cleaning Service

Accumulation of dust and other particles on curtains can contribute to both ignition and spread of flame for all fabrics including those that are inherently fire retarding. Curtains must be cleaned regularly to maintian their stated AS1530 ratings.

ShowTrek offers a professional curtain cleaning service Australia wide using a liquid free vacuum cleaning method that is effective in removing accumulated dust without reducing the level of protection from previously applied fire retardant treatments. In many cases the cleaning can be performed in-situ without the need to remove curtains from their tracks or battens.

Fire Protection

ShowTrek offers professional services for application of Inspecta-Shield fire retardant treatment Australia wide. 

Inspecta-Shield has already been tested to AS1530 part 2 and part 3 on a variety of common theatre curtain fabrics.

Under normal conditions ShowTrek recommend the re-application of Inspecta-Shield every 5 years to maintain compliance with fire safety standards.
Re-application may be necessary in the following situations:
After contact with water
After a number of water free dry cleaning cycles
When the material shows signs of wear

Inspecta-Shield Product Information