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Stage Systems

Portable Stages

ShowTrek OzRiser Portable Stage system consists of light-weight modules that can be easily assembled in minutes.
Economical and easily adaptable with removable legs allowing for a range of platform heights, OzRiser is compliant with load ratings for Australian Stages.

OzRiser has a standard size of 2m x 1m and is constructed with a high strength tempered aluminium framework and a structural plywood top in a range of finishes. Neighbouring OzRiser modules can be secured to each other using our OzRiser clamps which firmly grip two frames together, creating customised stage platforms.  As quick and easy to dismantle as they are to assemble, the OzRiser Portable Stage system modules are compact for storing and a range of ShowTrek Storage Trolleys are availabe. 

ShowTrek can construct custom sized portable stage modules including triangular, wedges and concave/convex modules, fabricated to your design specifications.

Optional features include: hand rails, chair stops, stair treads and black wool skirts.

Modular Stage

Providing a venue with ultimate flexibility, ShowTrek’s Modular Stage system allows for penetrations of any size to be easily achieved without modification to the substructure. Stage Modules are generically 3m x 1m with a load rating of 7.5KPa distributed and 20KN concentrated load.

Bütec Risers

Complementing the ShowTrek range of staging is the Bütec stage system. This high quality German portable scissor riser  is availabe in a range of stage platform sizes and height settings. 

Orchestral & Choral Risers

ShowTrek’s world class modular choral and orchestral risers are purpose built to individual customer specifications. They may be assembled in a variety of configurations that would be suitable for use in a range of performance venues and occasions.
This is precision made, long-lasting and maintainable orchestral ‘furniture’ of the highest quality materials that ultimately provide pleasure for both performers and audiences alike. They are portable for ease of storage. They are attractive and robust.
The unique locking feature and straightforward height adjustment are no nonsense features that have the benefit of simplicity with longevity. Add to this the acoustic properties and ShowTrek provides an appealing solution that is as professional as it looks.

ShowTrek Upright Storage Trolley

The ShowTrek upright transport and storage trolleys not only provide an efficient way of moving and storing ShowTrek stage riser units but also help take the hard work out of the assembly and disassembly process.