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ShowTrek supply and install a range of hoisting equipment suited to theatre and entratainment venues. 

ShowTrek will configure, supply and install your equipment including professional support. 

Pre-wired Lighting Bars

Ideal for hoisted lighting bar installations,  pre-wired lighting bars make rigging lights quick and easy.
Pre-wired power outlets are built into the bar at regular intervals.
A second segregated ELV duct is available for optional installation of concealed data distribution cabling. 
Several lighting bars can be linked together side by side to form a single rigid bar. 

Drum Hoists

Zero-fleet-angle electric drum hoists are designed for lifting lighting bars and scenery battens with a high degree of safety.
ShowTrek can supply a variety of models to cater for high speed, long travel or high capacity applications. Most drum hoists are capable of variable speed operation with recordable pre-set positions.

Pile Wind Hoists

Hand winches are often impractical in general purpose venues for both aesthetic and health & safety reasons. In a dedicated drama space they may be practical but are slow and labour intensive.
Pile wind hoists make lifting lighting and scenery bars safe, easy and affordable.

Safe for suspending loads above people.
Variable speed options available.
Controler options with recordable positions are available.