Fire Protection

Drape Cleaning Service

Accumulation of dust and other particles on drapes can contribute to both ignition and spread of flame for all fabrics including those that are inherently fire retarding. Drapes must be cleaned regularly to maintian their stated AS1530 ratings.
ShowTrek offers a professional drape cleaning service Australia wide using a liquid free vacuum cleaning method that is effective in removing accumulated dust without reducing the level of protection from previously applied fire retardant treatments.
In many cases the cleaning can be performed in-situ without the need to remove drapes from their tracks or battens.


Inspecta-Shield is a versatile, broad spectrum, odourless, colourless, multi-use, penetrating flame retardant for interior use.
Our pre-mixed product is Easy to use, Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic and offers superior flame retardant protection.
Inspecta-Shield assures a quality controlled, invisible flame retardant treatment ideally suited for economical commercial treatments of: Inspecta-Shield Products

  • Natural Fibres
  • Synthetic Fibres
  • Timber
  • Upholstery
  • Carpet
  • Draperies
  • Stage Curtains
  • and much more

Inspecta-Shield has been used as a treatment to meet a wide range of international fire safety standards.
Many common drape fabrics have already been tested to AS1530 part 2 and part 3.

Correct application rates must be established by a thorough series of evaluations before commercial scale treatment. Application rates may vary with material density and the standard for which treated materials are intended to comply with.

Recommended Coverage Rates
Fabric 12 square meters per 1L
Plywood 7 square meters per 1L

Inspecta-Shield is available in Australia from ShowTrek in 1L, 2L, 5L and 20L containers as well as a 1L trigger spray pack.

ShowTrek offers professional services for application of Inspecta-Shield fire retardant treatment Australia wide. The application service can be combined with a cleaning service to remove accumulated dust form drapes that have been in use prior to the Inspecta-Shield treatment.

It is recommended that all items to be treated should be tested for colour fastness, textural changes, shrinkage and acceptable appearance. Perform all tests on scrap material or in an inconspicuous area.

To maintain compliance with fire safety standards re-application may be necessary in the following situations:

  • After contact with water
  • After a number of water free dry cleaning cycles
  • When the material shows signs of wear
  • At specified re-application intervals

Under normal conditions ShowTrek recommend the re-application of Inspecta-Shield every 5 years.

All specifications and suggestions appearing on our labels and in our literature concerning the use of our product are based upon tests and data believed to be reliable. Since the actual use by others is beyond our control no guarantee, expressed or implied, is made by ShowTrek or N.Z. Fire-Shield Ltd as to the effect of such use or the result to be obtained, the extent of liability of the manufacturer in all circumstances is the purchase price of the Inspecta-Shield.

For commercial use only.

Not recommended for exterior use.