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Jands Pty Ltd has appointed ShowTrek as it’s sole South Australian distributor for stage solutions.

Whether it’s an entry level lighting and curtain system for a school auditorium, a local community centre, or a major theatre complex, ShowTrek has a specialist stage solution.

ShowTrek will configure, supply and install your equipment including professional support. Jands’ complete range of stage products built to Australian standards includes:

  • Pre-wired lighting bars
  • Dimmers and patching systems
  • Luminaires and lighting consoles
  • Drum hoists, chain hoists and steel band hoists
  • Motorised stage platforms
  • Curtain track hardware and accessories

JLX Pro Pre-wired Lighting Bar

Ideal for hoisted lighting bar installations, the JLX Pro pre-wired lighting bar makes rigging lights quick and easy.
Pre-wired power outlets are built into the bar with power supplied through Socapex 419 six-curcuit power connectors.
A second segregated ELV duct is available for optional installation of concealed data distribution cabling. 
Several JLX bars can be linked together side by side to form a single rigid bar. The JLX Pro bar can be hung from wire ropes, chains or hung from an existing bar using the optional hook clamps. 

JLX-PRO Technical Specification

JLX Lite Lightweight Lighting Bar with Integral Cable Ducts

The JLX Lite is a lightwieight un-wired lighting bar intended for static installations.
JLX Lite is available in 1.6m and 2.4m lenghts with color options of either Black or White to suit suit both theatrical and architectural installations. 
Installation of power cabling must be performed by a licened electrician.

JLX Lite Technical Specification

Benchmark Drum Hoists

Jands Benchmark series of zero-fleet-angle electric drum hoists are designed for lifting lighting bars and scenery battens with a high degree of safety.
Benchmark hoists have been independently certified as complying with the requirements of AS1418.1, clause “Special Lifting Applications”. This certification makes the Benchmark range ideally suited for use in theatres, schools and other locations where loads are raised, lowered or suspended over people’s heads.
The narrow footprint of the Benchmark hoist allows it to be used as a replacement for existing counterweight systems without changing line spacings in many cases.

The Benchmark range has a variety of models to cater for high speed,  long travel or high capacity applications.  Most Benchmark hoists are capable of variable speed operation with six recordable pre-set positions when used with the SAX-P1 hoist controller. 

The Benchmark VS2 is a great general purpose hoist featuring a capacity of 500kg,  a maximum speed of 10m per minute and up to 12m drift.

Pile Wind Hoists

Hand winches are often impractical in general purpose venues for both aesthetic and health & safety reasons. In a dedicated drama space they may be practical but are slow and labour intensive.
These low cost 6 wire winches make lifting lighting and scenery bars safe, easy and affordable.
Up to 15m drift
Typical speed of 8m/min
Model H500P-V, nominal lift capacity 500Kg
Single phase power supply
Optional multi position controller with up to 6 preset positions

H500P-VX Hoist Technical Specification