Theatre and Staging Equipment

Since it's establishment ShowTrek has worked extensively in the theatre and entertainment industry providing design, fabrication, logistics and project management services. ShowTrek not only produce a wide range of quality equipment for theatres and performance venues but also supply and install stage equipment from some of the industry's leading brands.
Our featured product categories are listed below, if you would like to enquire about further options or discuss a custom solution please Contact ShowTrek.

ShowTrek 'Stage Black' Paint

ShowTrek 'Stage Black' Paint

ShowTrek 'Stage Black' is a paint specially formulated for use in theatre applications.
'Stage Black' has been formulated to provide an optimal balance of low sheen and scuff resistance with dense colour for one-coat coverage of most surfaces.
'Stage Black' is a durable water based paint for indoor use that is suitable for stage floors, masking flats, 'black-box' surfaces or anything else that needs to be painted black.

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ShowTrek Tri-Castor V3

ShowTrek Tri-Castor

The ShowTrek Tri-Castor V3 is the strongest and most compact design to date.
The Tri-Castor V3 swivel plate is only 33mm high featuring a maintenance free bearing with hardened ball race and a load rating of up to 900Kg (subject to castor choice).
Tri-Castors require less force when changing direction than standard swivel castors making them ideally suited to Factory Trolleys and Theatre Wagons where heavy loads need to be manoeuvred with less effort.

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Theatre Lighting

Selecon Luminaires

ShowTrek is proud to be a supplier of Selecon and ShowLine luminaires. Both brands are backed by Phillips maintaining high quality and reliability while offering excelent value for money professional products.
Selecon offer luminaires designed for theatre with both traditional tungsten-hallogen models and LED luminaires featuring single source, homogenious light beams for a perfect shadow. The LED based fresnels and profiles are built with the same style housings and mechanisms as their predecessors and also share common accessories. Showline Luminaires
ShowLine offers a range of RGBW and Tuneable White LED luminaires to suit "rock-and-roll" style staging and studio lighting. The range includes: Par-cans, Light Panels, Light Bars, Wall Washers, Blinders and Strobes.

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Curtains and Drapes

ShowTrek Drapes mini-site

Drapes made from the best quality fire-retarding fabrics for installation in Theatres, Cinemas, Auditoriums, Schools, Public Halls and Clubs.
Our range of fabric includes: Wool, Velvet, Velour, Molten, Blackout, Filled Cloth, Sharkstooth, Lycra, Scenery Netting, Canvas/Nessel and Chromakey.
ShowTrek cut, bend and install track systems to suit any installation and offer powered and rope drawn options for curtains and drapes.

Visit the ShowTrek Drapes mini-site for more information.

Inspecta-Shield Fire Retardant

Inspecta Shield

Inspecta-Shield fire retardant is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic, non-allergenic treatment for fabrics, timber and many other building materials.
Inspecta-Shield is available from ShowTrek pre-mixed in 1L, 2L, 5L and 20L containers as well as a 1L trigger pack.

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General Purpose Staging Systems

General Purpose Staging Systems

ShowTrek's range of general purpose staging include the ShowTrek Lite Riser system, Bütec 1000 scissor action adjustable height modules and portable dance floors.

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Orchestral Risers

Orchestral Risers

Modular choral and orchestral risers purpose built to suit each customer's requirements.
With variable height, interlocking modules, durable hard wood decking and acoustic deadening interior, ShowTrek's riser systems are an asset that adds value and appeal to any performance venue.

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Jands Staging Equipment

Jands Equipment

ShowTrek is the appointed South Australian installer for the Jands range of industry leading stage equipment.
Among the Jands Equipment offered by ShowTrek are:
pre-wired lighting bars, winches, curtains, drapes, track systems, acoustic banners and moving stage platforms.

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Modular Stage

Modular Floor

The ShowTrek modular stage gives a performance venue ultimate flexibility. With completely modular stage decking and sub structure, penetrations of any size (up to the full stage) can be made with a minimum of effort.
Stage modules are typically 3m x 1m (configurable to client specifications) with a load rating of 7.5KPa distributed and 20KN concentrated load.

View the ShowTrek Modular Stage case study

DMX Lighting Control Systems

DMX Control Gear

ShowTrek offer lighting control solutions to suit any installation whether architectural or theatrical.
In addition to our custom solutions we are pleased to offer a range of products from Sunlite / Nicolaudie for architectural lighting, stand alone sequencing and software DMX.

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Figueras International Seating

Figueras Logo

With a history that goes back 80 years, Figueras International Seating is a leading global firm that leverages its specialized engineering and design capabilities to produce innovative high-end seating for public and multipurpose spaces. The Figueras seating solutions range from auditoriums and community centres, to theatres and convention centres, and to sports stadiums.
ShowTrek is proud to be appointed the Australian Agent for Figueras International Seating.

Read the ShowTrek Figueras press release [PDF]