Stage Hardware

ShowTrek manufacture a range of hardware that has been used for rigging and movement of equipment in entertainment venues and industrial facilities across the country.
Our featured products are detailed below, if you would like to enquire about further options or discuss a custom solution please Contact ShowTrek.

ShowTrek Gate Beam

ShowTrek Gate Beam
Patent Application Number:2017904890
Design Registration Number:201717443

Rigging battens are used for suspending loads, such as scenery, lights, curtains, and speakers.
Formed from high strength tempered aluminium, the ShowTrek Gate Beam is light weight and completely seamless rigging batten. The solid construction and continuous webbing give the ShowTrek Gate Beam exceptional strength resulting in minimal deflection under load.
The top and bottom tubular profiles couple easily with industry standard barrel clamps, scaffold fittings and pipe trolleys. The brace panel between the top and bottom chords can be profile cut to suit specific requirements giving endless possibilities for structural or artistic choices.
Available in 2m to 7.3m lengths or combined to any length. Seamless joins allow pipe trolleys to travel unhindered from end-to-end.
Powdercoat finishes offer a variety of colour choices.

ShowTrek Gate Beam Brochure [PDF]


Design Registration Number:201815211

"TrekTrolley" is a heavy duty, fully welded, compact pipe trolley designed for use with ShowTrek Gate Beam but is also well suited to other 48-50mm diameter tubular profiles.
Available with:

  • Load ratings from 250kg to 1000kg
  • Powdercoated to most colours
  • Optional bolt-on brake unit
TrekTrolley Brochure [PDF]

ShowTrek Barrel Clamp

ShowTrek Gate Batten

ShowTrek Barrel Clamps suit tubes with an approximate outside diameter of 50mm.
Suits: lighting truss, scaffold tube, 48OD steel tube.

Each clamp is supplied as a pair of plates with one long side and one short side, allowing the clamp to be opened while it is fixed to a rigging point.
Rated Load Limit for indoor use: 750Kg.
Finish: Powder-coat (Satin Black as standard)

ShowTrek Tri-Castor V3

ShowTrek Tri-Castor

The ShowTrek Tri-Castor V3 is the strongest and most compact design to date.
The Tri-Castor V3 swivel plate is only 33mm high featuring a maintenance free bearing with hardened ball race and a load rating of up to 900Kg (subject to castor choice).
Tri-Castors require less force when changing direction than standard swivel castors making them ideally suited to Factory Trolleys and Theatre Wagons where heavy loads need to be manoeuvred with less effort.