General Purpose Staging Systems

OzRiser Stage Modules

ShowTrek OzRiser

ShowTrek OzRiser is a low cost, light weight and easily adaptable stage module with removable legs which allow for a variety of platform heights.
OzRiser has a standard size of 2m x 1m and is constructed with a light weight aluminium framework and painted structural plywood top. Optional features include: hand rails, chair stops, stair treads and black wool skirts.
Neighbouring modules can be secured to each other using our OzRiser clamps which firmly grip two frames together.

ShowTrek can construct special modules including half size, triangular modules, wedges, curved face modules or custom sizes and shapes to your specification.

Upright Transport and Storage Trolley

ShowTrek Upright Trolley

The ShowTrek upright transport and storage trolleys not only provide an efficient way of moving and storing ShowTrek stage riser units but also help take the hard work out of the assembly and disassembly process.
Each upright dolley features:

  • Storage for six standard ShowTrek OzRiser modules
  • Compartment for storage of legs and load binding straps
  • Lockable castors
  • Load points for load binding straps
  • Black painted finish on all surfaces
  • Carpet lining to protect riser modules from damage in transport

Bütec 1000

Bütec 1000

Complementing the ShowTrek range of staging is the Bütec stage system.
This high quality, German made product is light weight and robust with a range of options to cater for virtually any installation.

The Bütec 1000 is a great general purpose stage module measuring 2m x 1m with hand operated adjustable height scissor action legs. It is amazingly fast to set up and stacks for easy and compact storage.
The platform height can be set to 0.2m, 0.4m, 0.8m or 1m.

Download the Bütec 1000 flyer [PDF] Download the Bütec 1000 demonstration video [MPG] 3.35MB

Bütec Portable Dance Floor

Bütec 1000

A dance floor of any size can be assembled quickly and easily using this system of interlocking floor tiles. Each tile is 25mm thick and has a solid oak surface in either parquet or long strips as standard. The dance floor is framed with sloped edge strips made from light weight aluminium with a gold anodised finish.
This is another great product that is designed for rapid installation and compact storage.

Download the Bütec dance floor flyer [PDF]