DMX Control Systems

DMX has been the standard for lighting control in theatre since the early 1990s and is now finding it's way into architectural applications as technology allows lighting design for retail and commercial spaces to become more dynamic.
ShowTrek use components from a range of suppliers around the world to produce versatile lighting control solutions that cater for the requirements of almost any installation.
The DMX control signal can be easily converted to other common lighting control technologies including DSI, DALI and 1-10V analogue allowing the greatest possible combination of lighting fixtures to be connected to a single control unit.

ShowTrek is proud to be a distributor for Sunlite / Nicolaudie, a French company with over 20 years experience in lighting software and market leaders in USB-DMX controllers.
Our feature Sunlite products are:

S.T.I.C.K. Sunlite Touch-sensitive Intelligent Control Keypad

STICK KU1, 5 Zone, Touch Sensitive DMX Controler

STICK is a perfect product for architectural lighting control with its low profile, touch sensitive panel and powerful features:


  • Flat panel touch sensitive controller
  • Capable of controlling a total of 1024 groups of lights in up to 5 separate zones
  • Optional COM+ package allows internet connectivity for remote programming and synchronisation of multiple STICK controllers
  • Smart-Phone Application for wireless control (with COM+ option and WIFI hub)
  • SD memory card for scene storage
  • Infra red remote control from any universal remote control (dedicated STICK remote control available separately)
  • Front panel artwork can be customised to match your interior design
  • Scenes can be activated by the internal clock/calendar
STICK GU2, Glass Face, Touch Sensitive DMX Controler


  • Flat panel touch sensitive controller with glass face
  • Capable of controlling a total of 128 groups of lights in a single zone
  • Simple three button control
  • Low cost All-In-One architectural DMX lighting controller
  • Choice of black or white panel artwork as standard

Programming the STICK family of products

  • STICK controllers are programmed using ESA OR ESA Pro software
  • Each scene button can be programmed with simple lighting states or complex lighting sequences with individual dimmer, sequence speed and colour control (where applicable)
  • ESA software includes support for intelligent lights and matrix displays
  • Scan Library comes pre-loaded with thousands of lighting fixtures from over 100 manufacturers
Download the S.T.I.C.K. KU1 brochure [PDF] Download the S.T.I.C.K. GU2 brochure [PDF] STICK Remote Application For: Smart-Phones, Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu Download the S.T.I.C.K. promotional video [ZIP] 140MB

Easy Stand Alone

Sunlite 'Easy Stand Alone' DMX Controler Easy Stand Alone Software

Easy Stand Alone is ideal for controlling mood lighting and display lighting in retail, hospitality and exhibits. Once programmed it will operate without a computer. This unit is compact and powerful featuring:

  • Support for up to 255 lighting sequences
  • Control up to 512 groups of lights
  • Change sequences using previous and next buttons on the controller or direct access to 8 sequences using an optional external switch panel or 255 sequences with a binary encoded switch panel
  • Trigger sequences from internal clock/calendar events
  • Option of DMX or Ethernet input
  • Programmable via USB
  • Powerful software with a library of thousands of light fixtures to make programming quick and easy
  • Optional mini SD memory card allowing the user to increase the number of steps that can be stored, limited only by the size of the memory card
  • The unit can be powered by either USB or a 9V DC external power supply
Download the Architectural Brochure (Easy Stand Alone) [PDF]

Sunlite Suite

Sunlite Suite PC DMX Sunlite Suite Easy View 3D Visualiser Easy Time Shapeb Editing Scan Library

Run a light show from your PC with full support for intelligent lights.
This software suite is a valuable tool for professionals and hobbyists alike, with a comprehensive library of over 2000 fixtures from over 100 manufacturers and real time 3D visualisation of your stage it has never been easier to design, plot and operate a light show.
Almost every feature of the software can be configured for control by an external MIDI or DMX console including scene activation, scene fade, cycle speed, page fade, master fade, page+, page- and many more.

The latest generation of hardware and software known as "Suite 2" is now available

Main Product Features:
  • Control 512 DMX channels with the USB-DMX Interface
  • DMX input for capturing sequences, controlling software features or configurable as a second DMX universe output
  • Control 1024 additional DMX channels using your PC Ethernet connection
  • 'Easy View' lets you watch a real-time 3D reconstruction of your show before the stage is rigged
  • 'Easy Step' lets you create step-by-step sequences within a scene
  • The all new 'Easy Time Editor' lets you quickly create sequences using a drag-and-drop timeline editor and function generators
  • Record sequences from DMX or MIDI input
  • Create sequences from audio
  • Control fixtures with live audio
  • Patch DMX input channels directly to output channels
  • Control virtually any program command with external DMX or MIDI console
  • Load fixtures from a comprehensive library with pre-defined scenes, switches and movement shapes available
  • Fixtures are grouped in pages to help organise a show and easily apply effects to related groups of fixtures
  • Fixtures within a page can be assigned to several named groups and arranged into a matrix for easy application of advanced effects
  • Ability to save individual pages and console configurations for use as building blocks for future shows
Extra Features Available In the 'First Class' Package:
  • Control 1024 DMX channels with the USB-DMX Interface (or 1536 by configuring the DMX IN as a third output)
  • Control 2048 DMX channels using your PC Ethernet connection or even more with 'First Class Plus'
  • 'Easy Show' time-line based editor for combination audio, video, lighting shows
Supplied In The Suite:
  • USB-DMX Interface
  • USB cable
  • Sunlite Suite Instruction Manual
  • Software CD
Download the 'Sunlite Suite' brochure [PDF] Download the 'Sunlite Suite2' user manual [PDF] 10.2MB Sunlite Suite Video Tutorial web page Sunlite online help forum