Case Studies

Below you will find a series of brief case studies demonstrating ShowTrek's capabilities in custom engineering and creative manufacturing

ShowTrek Modular Stage Flooring

Melbourne Theatre Company & Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Modular Floor

During the planning phase, ShowTrek took up the challenge to re-invent the performance surfaces for these venues. The projects were delivered through decades of exposure to moving shows through worldwide venues and then applying that experience to ensure that the products were tailored to meet site specific criteria. The Technical Director of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Bill Jessop, said, "I want to be able to turn this Stage into an enormous Swimming Pool if necessary". ShowTrek assured Bill that every last component would be removable and that there would not be any restrictions to Trap (stage penetration) locations, or the number of Traps.

Modular Floor Listening, planning and preparation were ShowTrek's keys to accomplishing the results. ShowTrek consulted in the early stages of each project and was able to survey the sites during the planning process. Once the specifications were understood, the manufacture took place off-site whilst other construction activities were undertaken. ShowTrek's logistical crew packaged and loaded the components at ShowTrek. The same crew unloaded and installed the Modular Floors. ShowTrek's team impressed the builders and theatre management with the seamless and fast installation.

Modular Floor The action of the safe removal of stage flooring without having to install traps, or saw holes, must comply with building standards. ShowTrek's approved structure permits the removal of single, or multiple modules. Typically, the modules are manufactured out of a metal frame approximately 3m x 1m with a ply surface, although they may easily be made to other specifications. The modules are supported by a series of height adjustable columns and a removable substructure. Each module has four corner hatches to access the rigging points. A lifting rig assists in the removal/ replacement of the modules. The load rating for these Modular Floors is 7.5KPa distributed, and 20KN concentrated load.

The consistent outcomes that have impressed the clients include:

  • Turn-key solution with full support and documentation
  • Early engagement ensures 100% client satisfaction of expectations
  • ShowTrek's demonstrable skill, knowledge and experience
  • No compromise on resources and finish
  • Light-weight and uncomplicated
  • User friendly and safe to transform
  • Financial benefits for hirers equals more hirers
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Melbourne Theatre Company

Technical Equipment (TE) Contract Including Consulting

Retractable Juliet Balcony MTC Header Panels

By far, one of the most challenging custom engineering assignments in Australian theatre for decades, commencing in 2006, ShowTrek was contracted to undertake a number of separate tasks that collectively made up a major enhancement for Melbourne Theatre Company. These included responding to Melbourne Theatre Company's design and further developing:

  • A modular stage floor system
  • Sliding Tormentors, adjustable Teaser Panel and Header Panels
  • Retractable Juliet Balconies
  • A Demountable Wall System for the orchestra pit.

It was during this overall project that ShowTrek graphically demonstrated its considerable problem solving capabilities.

ShowTrek was initially retained to provide its Consulting Services to establish the parameters of what needed to be achieved including the specific scope of a major portion of the work, upon which Melbourne Theatre Company based its tender documentation.

Quite independently, ShowTrek then had to tender for the work without conflict of interest as a transparent opportunity, whereby all parties were quite clear on the background leading up to the bid process. It was an open tender of a contract for Technical Equipment design and construction. ShowTrek was subsequently successful in its bid based upon its capability to provide a holistic, total solution ... especially to design and develop the necessary noiseless mechanical drive systems.

MTC Teaser Panel ShowTrek provided all of the CAD drawings and also developed the technical Workshop drawings. It subsequently constructed all of the elements and associated components, applied all of the finishes, managed the delivery logistics and installation. A key element was to publish comprehensive user manuals and provide training for the in-house personnel.

Of particular note are the Juliet Balconies. Their amazing operation and effectiveness are an outstanding masterpiece of theatrical engineering in their own right and set an industry benchmark for theatre design.

Melbourne Theatre Company is justifiably proud of the outcome.

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Adelaide Entertainment Centre - Theatre Mode Ceiling Panels

An Exercise in Collaboration, Custom Engineering and Exceptional Logistics

AEC Ceiling Panels

The Adelaide Entertainment Centre accommodates a diverse and continuous range of public events and entertainment artists ... from motor cycle scrambling and monster truck action, to world class acts including the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Elton John and Billy Joel ... as well as everything in between such as banquets, trade fairs, or sporting events.

AEC Ceiling Panels With such entertainment diversity, in April 2008, after an extensive search, the client appointed ShowTrek to undertake the large and complex assignment of manufacture, delivery and installation of suspended ceiling panels to transform the venue from 12,000 seats into a theatre mode that seats an audience of 1,200 up to 3,000.

Theatre Consultant, Richard Stuart, collaborated with ShowTrek to formulate details for prototype panels. Richard presented the prototypes to AEC to test the suitability for lighting, colour tones, fire safety, air flow, acoustics, and structural integrity, all of which are of critical importance.

AEC Ceiling PanelsShowTrek then carefully listened to and confirmed the requirements and specifications. From its experience in the entertainment industry, ShowTrek knew what needed to be done and went about its business of developing the solution that it knew would work. ShowTrek's turn-key solution took the client's breath away. It was ingeniously designed, manufactured and built at ShowTrek's Lonsdale plant from locally sourced materials that appear and perform to global standards. It set benchmarks for others to follow.

AEC Ceiling PanelsShowTrek then managed the logistics into the venue. Without the client needing to remove a single seat from the auditorium, ShowTrek's crew expertly and swiftly installed the substantial panels by executing a thoroughly planned exercise that did not even so much as put a mark on any of the seating upholstery. The outcome amazed and impressed the most experienced of the client's engineering staff.

The project was completed on time, within budget and the deliverable is a delight to the client and its patrons. It is highly functional, attractive, easily operated, robust and straightforward in affordable on-going maintenance.

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Seasonal Animated Displays

ShowTrek's "Wow!" Factor on Public Display

Christmas Tree Since 2006, Melbourne's Crown Casino has gradually been developing its reputation for also providing entertainment away from the gaming tables, for its patrons and the public alike. Nobody could fail to be impressed by the extent to which they have gone in conceiving their ideas in the use of their public space to attract broad community appeal ... but they haven't done it alone.

ShowTrek has gradually built and maintained a growing range of complex atrium exhibits over time that are beginning to take on an iconic status for the Casino.

Dragon Installed It began with an enormous animated Dragon cascading down the grand staircase for the Chinese New Year. Within twelve months, a Christmas Carousel was erected for the Festive Season, later to be accompanied by a giant eleven metre Christmas Tree with programmed lighting, animated figures ... all with a storyline. These exhibits are stored for annual use until eventual replacement by even more inventive display features.

Carousel Animals ShowTrek could never divulge its trade secrets in the achievement of these thrilling outcomes. The imagineering that drives the development and delightful appearance of these exhibits is proof of the true genius that underpins ShowTrek and what sets it apart as a custom engineering manufacturer of excellence.

Dragon on Truck Entirely manufactured at ShowTrek's Lonsdale premises, the exhibits were road transported in purpose built storage crates (also constructed by ShowTrek) for assembly in Melbourne. During periods of general maintenance when items are returned to ShowTrek, the same care of handling in the durable crates ensures the elimination of damage in transit. ShowTrek's logistical experience is a key element in the successful shipping of all of its products worldwide.

Carousel MonkeyWhat the public doesn't see, is the trusted business relationship that has developed over several years, whereby ShowTrek listens to what the Crown Casino wants to achieve within their concepts and dreams. The personal interaction to achieve the "Wow!" factor is an ever emerging combination of mutual understanding and acceptance, based upon achievement of the near impossible.

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"The Fairies"

From Concept to Creating Life-long Memories

The Fairies The Fairies The Fairies The Fairies

In July 2005, ShowTrek was commissioned by The Fairies Pty Ltd to manufacture a children's secret and magic garden film set at the SA Film Corporation's production facilities at Hendon Common in the west of Adelaide. It was a true test of ShowTrek's ability to transpose its skills, knowledge and experience into an entirely different world of custom engineering.

A great deal of effort was put into the research of developing an imaginative environment where life-like scenic art needed to be of a large scale; even gigantic proportions. Flowers, trees, plants, fungi and natural background needed to be surreal yet credible, gaudy but beautiful ... children are our fiercest critics and will not tolerate the inconceivable! If that wasn't a tough enough assignment, it also needed to accommodate the stringent production requirements of what would actually work on camera.

ShowTrek produced the technical design and drawings for client approval. Once the decisions were finalised, all of the scenery and props were then built at ShowTrek's premises. ShowTrek also handled the logistics to transport everything to the film studio and successfully undertook the fit-out.

"The Fairies" concept is an ongoing opportunity so at the conclusion of the filming, the set was placed in storage for future use. It has inbuilt longevity for such a purpose.

The stakeholders were entirely satisfied with the overall outcome and financial outlay. The proof of concept lies in the continued existence today of "The Fairies" and the outstanding success it is enjoying as a business enterprise, also as its stage productions travel around Australia. ShowTrek was pleased to be involved in the launch of such a worthwhile exercise that today retains ShowTrek's scenery for the enjoyment of so many Australian and international youngsters.

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Conceptual Mock-up for Corporate Presentation and Approval

Placing the New Image on Track

Sleeper Cabin Sleeper Cabin Sleeper Cabin

In early 2007, ShowTrek was invited by Atomiq Design Group to collaborate in a presentation to the Senior Management group of Great Southern Railway, of a visual understanding on how they intended the Ghan and Indian Pacific Railway first class sleeper cabins to look; including a bathroom. The life size conceptual model needed to incorporate all of the fittings and finishes to leave nothing in doubt, or to the imagination, thus enabling all concerned GSR Managers to accept what they were collectively working with.

Working to a defined budget, ShowTrek produced an outstanding result. Moreover, there was a requirement for ShowTrek to be on hand during the last twenty four hours prior to the viewing, to flexibly undertake any of the designer's last minute changes ... and there were several.

ShowTrek constructed a walk-through interior fit-out of a sleeper berth based upon Atomiq's drawings, art work and specifications. It manufactured all of the furniture, doors and windows and Scenic Artists painted wood grain treatments and finishes to a fine level of detail. ShowTrek precisely understood what the GSR Management team would need to see and experience.

The logistics of locating the mock-up to the GSR Mile End terminal was also handled by ShowTrek and what my have appeared to be a tricky exercise, to manage the fragility of the model, was made to look easy. The structure was assembled at ShowTrek's Lonsdale premises and mounted on a transport vehicle in its entirety. It arrived and was unloaded in one piece to be relocated under cover.

Today, the outcome of this successful collaboration is clear with the high standard of accommodation on these world class rail adventures. The business relationship between ShowTrek and the Atomiq Design Group remains on an exceptionally firm footing.

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